How-To: Make Incredible Coffee At Home

Man pouring water from a kettle into a Stanley Perfect-Brew Pour Over paired with a Classic Camp Mug.


Sure, Stanley coffee brewing gear is made for adventure. But why save it for camping, skiing or backpacking trips? In fact, you don’t even need to be the outdoorsy type to love our Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over. Thanks to durable, stainless-steel construction, you’ll never have to worry about glass breaking or ceramic chipping. So, if you’re a coffee lover or know someone who is, check out our three favorite methods for brewing awesome joe — whether indoors or out.


For a smooth, flavorful cup, nothing beats this no-tech version of an automatic drip coffee maker. The process involves slowly adding water to the grinds, and then waiting a few minutes for the pour over to work its magic.

Our Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over is a rugged, handsome choice, and comes with a stainless-steel filter. Another cool feature: it’s made to work with most Stanley mugs and vacuum bottles, so you can brew right into your vessel of choice. In search of an all-in-one gift? Combine it with a matching Classic Camp Mug..

For a demo on using our Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over, see this Stanley video.