Peter Perch is Built For Life

As part of the Stanley and Peter Perch collaboration launch, we invited the fish artist himself to share his built-for-life passion. We sat down with Peter to ask him a few questions about his love for fish, fishing and his fish art.



Stanley: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your art?
Peter Perch: My name is Peter Perch, I'm a fish artist. I paint fish. I live fish. I fish fish. I am a fish, fishing and wildlife illustrator based in the Netherlands, but working on projects worldwide. I'm not your grandfather's fish artist. I don't do realistic old paintings of trout. I come from a background of skateboarding and graffiti and I think that's also why my designs pop up from a distance.

Stanley: What makes your art so unique and loved worldwide?
Peter Perch: In hindsight it all makes sense now. At the beginning of my career, I was too preoccupied with making art that I thought people wanted to see. And it's only when I started to make art that I wanted to see, I realized that that is what other people want to see. I don't really stick to the traditional rules of fish art. I like to mix things up. I use different techniques. I use inside jokes that only fishermen will get or just make fun of fish, fishermen or myself.

Stanley: How did you become interested in fishing, and how did you become a fish artist?
Peter Perch: As a kid, I spent my days cycling around and spotting fish in the canals or in the river and catch them. Afterwards I would study them. I guess, from a young age I just grew up to be a fish artist. Actually catching fish might be one of the most important parts of my creative process. Only after I catch certain species of fish I really understand them. And only then I'm able to truly illustrate or paint them. I spend hours and hours every day just drawing scales. And this really is a meditation practice for me. I just zone out and I draw scales, scales and scales.

Stanley: We know you use Stanley products in your everyday life, while fishing, and when working on your fish art. What excites you most about this collaboration with Stanley?
Peter Perch: Basically every fishermen that I know already has a Stanley bottle. It's the bottle that your grandfather had while you were fishing. I'm really proud to do this collaboration with Stanley because it's such an iconic product. It's really a good product to put fish art on. 

Stanley: One last question, Peter, what does the future hold for you?
Peter Perch: I'm very curious what the future will bring but there's one thing I know, it will be fish.