Built for Life: Sailing Taxi

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“Ever since I was a little kid, I have shared a great passion for nature. Something makes me feel alive when I’m standing on top of a mountain or swimming through the sea, close to nature’s precarious elements and changing circumstances”.
Step aboard The Moondance and join the Sailing Taxi crew as they venture through the Arctic Circle.
By creating sail and ski expeditions for travellers, the team offer once-in-a-lifetime trips for those that dream of exploring stunning sceneries and going on true adventures to the great outdoors.
When sailing to off-the-grid locations, the Sailing Taxi crew use their unique skills and passions to connect with nature and reach beautiful landscapes that are inaccessible to many. Their expertise allows them to plan unique routes and reach hidden gems, with backdrops that most can only dream of.
Watch this short film to find out more about the epic adventures of Sailing Taxi.