Built For Life: Savannah Sachdev

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 Savannah Sachdev is a London-based, sport and running influencer. As a woman on social media in 2024 there are naturally some questions: How much do I share of myself? How unfiltered can I be? How do I inspire? How can I remain authentic? On a wet day in February, on Hampstead Heath, we met Savannah, a woman who is profoundly and positively, unapologetically her.  

  For Savannah this was day 967 of running every day, for us we got to talk to someone who we believe is the personification of the Stanley values; positivity, transparency, determination, and community.

 Running to get out of her head and into her body, Savannah continued to tell us that what she really aims to show her community is that “movement can just be a little bit of fun, it does not have to be that serious”. If you follow Savannah on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube you will know that the balance can sometimes consist of running 15km in the morning, finishing with a croissant in hand at a perfectly picturesque cafe somewhere around London. Consistency is different for everyone; you just need to show up and then keep showing up, however you can. 

  Savannah spoke to us about the community she is building whilst acknowledging that social media can be a scary place, especially knowing that what you are sharing has an impact. Regardless of the nearly 200,000 followers she has, she is committed to sharing content that talks about what our bodies can do instead of what our bodies look like whilst doing it. 

  “As women, we sometimes feel a need to act a particular role. I do not want to do that, and things seem to be okay. If we take the paths less trodden with confidence, things will...hopefully...be okay” 

 Savannah’s Indian heritage, naturally, plays a key role in her life and therefore the content shared with the world. Sometimes seeking permission to post her content, Savannah still hopes to bring an interesting perspective and aims to take the fear out of doing some of the things other women and women in her culture would traditionally not do. 

  There are so many important conversations happening in 2024 for Women, Savannah mentions key topics such as solo travel, sex, finances, diversity and representation. Conversations that, in the not-so-distant past, were considered taboo. “There is more diversity, not as much as we would like, but it is a start. The existence of me on social media proves that”.  

  Savannah reminisced with us about the goals she set for herself, and the achievements made in 2023. It’s safe to say that 2024 will be full of even more goals, achievements and an ever-increasing determination to reach each milestone (Figuratively and metaphorically). Maybe now, with all this said, you will consider joining Savannah for tomorrow's run.